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Best traders of the week

1 49022d2d2d207d89d70dd5ecd3207e714dff26c72d128f86e894ddf481c1c337 Mark Lesman Managing $20,000 Invest
2 707b19a1fced397c94765e1ce693adb03a671f72b24244e20f75b0b3a685a5d8 Alexandr Efimov Managing $10,000 Invest
3 23265455b26465e0a8ab722ecf35f6fca3225399549deb8401d357de83ec1652 Petr Krasko Managing $5,000 Invest

Questions and answers


How to get $1,000 in management? Is it for free?


In odred to get $1,000 in management, you need to sign in and get a free ticket to participate in a qualifying round. If all the requirements are met, you will get live account without depositing your own money.


How to get $30,000 in management? Can I get even more?


In odred to get more than $1,000 in management you need to buy a corresponding ticket and pass a qualifying round. Additional investments are available for PRO-club members.


I don't know how to trade. Can I take part in a qualifying round?


For beginners, we recommend to take training courses with professional traders. Training courses are available for PropUnion PRO-club members.


How do I join the club? What benefits do I get?


In order to join the club, you need to fulfill certain conditions. Details and benefits could be found in the corresponding section.


I am a professional trader and want to get money in management. Is it possible?


We welcome professional traders. We can provide each trader with sufficient amount of money for comfortable trading.

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PropUnion is a proprietary company, specialized both in traders', as well as investors', training and advising. With the help of our team, each client of the company will learn how to trade in profit, start working with investors, and become a professional trader. Joining PRO-club gets access to important information about financial markets secrets. Note that PropUnion is not a brokerage company and does not render the service of asset management.